Cheap Garage Organization Ideas

Keeping your garage organized doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here are a few ideas to get your garage in tip-top shape for less. First, create a calendar for household chores. Schedule some time on the weekends to clean your garage. You can also coordinate your garage cleaning sessions with garage sales in your neighborhood. Lastly, don’t be tempted to buy brand-new containers for organizing your garage; instead, search for gently used ones.

Plastic bins

Plastic bins are an inexpensive way to maximize garage organization. They are versatile and can be used to store a variety of items, including seasonal items. For maximum storage efficiency, choose bins that are the same color. Ideally, use black or a similar color to make the bins look uniform. In addition to bins, you can also make use of plastic bags, which are cheap and convenient to use for storage. These colorful bags can accommodate a variety of items, especially for items you want to keep out of reach of the children.

Plastic containers are also a great option for storing tools and hardware. You can also purchase storage racks at a home improvement or bulk store. You should place the most frequently used items on the middle shelf, and hazardous items on the top. You can also use small plastic bins, such as muffin tins or plastic lunch containers with dividers, to hold smaller items. Alternatively, you can use a toolbox to store the tools and accessories that you use often.

Another inexpensive garage organization idea is to use canvas storage bags for bulky items. You can also secure the bags with a dryer sheet to keep critters and insects out. Another option for light to medium-weight items is to store them on the ceiling of the garage. You can attach the plastic storage bins to the ceiling by screwing them to the ceiling framing.

Corner shelves

One of the best ideas for organizing your garage is to use corner shelves. They offer extra storage and are convenient for stacking. They are especially useful for small items that can easily get lost on larger shelves. They also provide easy access to tools with long handles. Invest in some heavy-duty corner shelves and turn an unused corner into a tool rack.

A corner shelf can be made out of scrap materials. It’s easy to build and is a great solution for storing small items. Make sure you use 1×1 cleats to secure the shelves in place. Corner shelves are an inexpensive way to create extra storage space in the garage.

Another option is installing vertical organization systems. These can be mounted to the ceiling or attached to the walls. These systems can help you utilize unused space and maximize your storage capacity. They also come in a variety of materials and sizes. Make sure to consider the weight capacity of each unit. In addition to shelves, you can also use hangers and hooks to store tools and large items.

Adding shelves to your garage can help keep it clean and organized. You can use them to store tools, sports equipment, and even books. Corner shelves can be made of metal or plastic. They are easy to install and do not take up a lot of space. They’re also cheaper and versatile.

Tip-out hampers

Installing Tip-out hampers as cheap garage organizational ideas can help you keep track of your tools and items. They’re easy to mount and make for an attractive display. They can also store small items that don’t mind being stacked or covered. They can also be used as extra storage in the entryway.

These handy little containers are especially useful in small spaces. You can easily tuck dirty laundry away in them when not in use. Another great use for tilt-out hampers is to store rain gear, such as umbrellas. These can be stored in an area separate from the rest of the garage, which will keep the entire house dry.

For smaller items, you can also use coat hooks. Another inexpensive garage organization idea is to use plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes. Bins made of plastic are much more durable than cardboard boxes, which are prone to moisture and dust. It is also recommended to use transparent plastic bins so that you can see what’s inside without opening the lid. You can also choose bins that stack and fit perfectly on shelves and in corners.

In addition to bins, you can also make use of flat-back buckets. These are great for keeping car-washing supplies organized. To make sure you get the most out of these baskets, you can also place a 2×4 plank on the garage floor for added stability.

Storage lockers

Storage lockers are a cheap and effective way to organize your garage. You can purchase new or secondhand ones. They add a vintage flair to a plain space and you can label each one for a specific family member. They are an excellent way to organize your items and give them a proper home.

These units are available for purchase at thrift stores and yard sales. You can place them side-by-side or alone on the wall. You can also build a DIY wall that includes cabinets and shelves. You can also use bins or baskets to keep items organized. Alternatively, you can use plastic piping and wooden beams to make overhead storage space.

For small items, shallow drawers are a great solution. For utility items, hangers are a great way to store these. Drawer dividers are also helpful so that nothing gets lost. Similarly, storage bins are good for holding bulk purchases of water or soda. Sports gear can also be organized using adjustable shelving and mesh bins.

Garage organization should be done in zones so that like items are kept together. This will make it easier to find items and make the garage look more organized. Keeping items that are used by children in a certain room away from reach can keep them safe.

Using a wall hook and chain system to organize rakes and shovels

If you’ve ever wished you had a better place to store your rakes and shovels, you may want to invest in a wall hook and chain system. These systems are inexpensive, easy to install, and will keep your rakes and shovels in order and organized. They also eliminate the need to keep extension cords tangled on the garage floor.

To organize longer tools, consider using cardboard tubes. These tubes are often used for pouring concrete footers, but you can also use them to store long items such as hockey sticks or fishing poles. Whether you want to hang these tubes on a wall or keep them stationary, you can attach them to studs in the garage with plumbing straps.

Another popular wall storage solution is a slatwall system. Slatwall panels are affordable, durable, and attractive. Unlike cabinets and racks, these panels are thin and don’t require a lot of floor space. These systems are also good for garages with large cars and SUVs. To create a slatwall system, you can use a shipping pallet.

Creating a “walking path”

Creating a “walking path” in your garage can be a great way to organize your space and prevent clutter from falling in the path. Many people have garages that are too cluttered to walk through, and defining a “walking path” can keep items off the path.

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