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If you’re a technical writer, then you know how important it is to have the right tools in place. AI-powered tools can be a big help when it comes to speeding up the writing process and improving your content quality.

Let’s take a look at some of the best AI-powered writing tools. These AI-driven software tools are sure to make your life a lot easier.

Documentation for Scalenut

Scalenut is a one-stop SaaS solution that offers a variety of features to help you create quality content quickly and easily. It uses next-generation technology to generate high-quality, SEO-friendly content.

The software offers a wide selection of templates that make it easy to produce multiple types of content. These include emails, blog posts, product descriptions, and more.

In addition to this, it also provides an excellent 24 hour support team that can help you with your questions and queries.

The software is also a good choice for small businesses because it offers a variety of plans to suit the needs of every business. The Growth Plan is a great choice for newer businesses and startups, and the Premium Plan is ideal for established brands. The company offers a seven-day free trial for all of its features, which is a great way to test out the product before making a purchase decision.

Documentation for Canva Docs

At this year’s Canva Create event, the company announced a new document-editing tool. It’s called Canva Docs and is part of Canva’s evolution into a Visual Worksuite.

Canva Docs is a new document editor that aims to put graphics and text together in a natural way. Similar to Google Docs, it allows multiple users to collaborate on the same document at once and allows you to comment, edit or sign off a file in real time.

The document editor is free to use, with paid plans available for Pro and Teams. It also comes with a variety of pre-designed templates that can help you save time and effort when creating documents.

Canva Docs is an innovative document creation tool that combines rich text, engaging media, and robust data visualizations to empower your team to deliver professional content at scale. With the platform, you can easily design strategy docs, meeting minutes, financial reports, and business proposals with ease.

Documentation for Jasper

Jasper AI is an AI writing tool that can help you break through writer’s block, repackage content, create original art, and more. It also provides a money-back guarantee and can help you optimize your writing for tone and language.

To use Jasper, you’ll need to provide prompts that tell the app what information to include in your writing. These can be questions, keywords, or phrases.

You can also pick one of the many templates that Jasper has already created. They cover everything from blog posts to creative stories and even video scripts.

These templates give Jasper AI the context it needs to write the content you want, and they’re all designed to be exciting!

The Starter plan is $29 per month and includes access to the majority of Jasper’s templates. The Boss Mode plan is $59 per month and gives you access to the entire feature set, including long-form content and SEO mode. It also includes a 5x faster editor, an in-built plagiarism checker, revision history, and more.

Documentation for SurferSEO

Surfer SEO is a cloud-based platform that helps you plan, write, and optimize your SEO content (like blog posts and website pages). It also improves your organic visibility in the SERPs so that you can drive more traffic to your site.

The platform has several features that make it easy to research keywords, plan your content strategy, and generate outlines/briefs for individual posts. It also analyzes your written content against hundreds of on-page SEO ranking factors.

It’s a great tool for freelance writers and agencies alike. It can save you time and help you deliver high-quality content on time.

The interface is clean and easy to use. The different tools and features are all seamlessly integrated so that you can move from one to the other without leaving the dashboard.

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