How to Find a Good Apartment and Condo Cleaning Service

When it comes to hiring an apartment and condo cleaning service, there are several things to consider. These include the types of services that are offered, the price you will pay, and whether you want to stay home or have your cleaner leave. In addition, you might be wondering whether you’ll need to use an apartment and condo cleaning service on a regular basis or only infrequently.

Basic services

If you are in the market for apartment or condo cleaning services, there are a few things you should know. First, it’s important to find out how much it will cost. It can vary greatly depending on your location, the size of your apartment or condo, and the type of service you choose. You also have to consider the time it will take.

For instance, it could be as cheap as $60 for one visit or as expensive as $180 for a move out clean. The most basic of apartment or condo cleaning services include general tidy-up tasks like dusting and vacuuming, but other services may be billed separately.

Another way to save time is to hire an apartment or condo cleaner to do a deep clean. This could include cleaning out the kitchen, bathrooms, and other areas. An average New York City apartment clean-up can take about three to four hours.

Deep cleaning

Whether you’re looking for an apartment or condo cleaning service, or if you need to clean up after a party or other event, deep cleaning can help you keep your space looking fresh. A professional can get rid of any lingering food particles, grease, and other grime, as well as disinfect your home after a virus or illness. Depending on the size of your home, it can take a few hours to get everything in tip-top shape.

Usually, a deep clean is a one-time service, but it can also be scheduled for a specific purpose. For instance, a move out service can be handy after a tenant moves out of an old apartment. And while it can cost a lot of money, it can also be worth it.

Other services

Cleaning an apartment or condo can be a difficult task. It can be costly and take a lot of time. However, there are many benefits to hiring professional cleaning services. Whether you are moving out or just looking to spruce up your apartment, there are several different options. The type of cleaning you choose will affect your cost.

A move-out service is one option that can help you make your apartment look good while getting your deposit back. In addition, it can save you time and energy. You can have a cleaner come to your home when you need them, or you can stay in your apartment while the service is being performed.

Another popular option is a bi-weekly or monthly clean. The cost of these visits is lower than the cost of an individual visit. This is particularly true for apartments with high traffic.

Whether to stay home or leave your cleaner

It is a well known fact that your cleaning crew is an integral part of your daily routine. However, there are many options in the market place that will leave you more time and energy to focus on what matters most. One solution is to hire a cleaning service that will do the work for you. The next step is to pick a reputable company that can be trusted to take good care of your home and your family. Fortunately, there are several online sites that can help you do just that. A quick web search will yield a list of highly rated companies that will do the job. To weed out the riff raff, it is best to be clear on what you are looking for in the first place.


The cost of apartment and condo cleaning depends on a number of factors. First, the amount of cleaning that needs to be done. This is a function of the size of the apartment or condo and the frequency with which it is cleaned. A larger home will have more areas to clean. Also, pets may add to the cleaning costs.

If you want to save money, you can choose to have a cleaning service clean only certain rooms. These services are usually well-trained, and they use green products. In addition, they also have insurance. They will also come equipped with all of the necessary cleaning supplies.

If you have a two-bedroom condo or apartment, you can expect to pay about $100 to $180 for a single cleaning. This includes dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, and sanitizing the bathrooms. However, a deep cleaning is likely to cost more.

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