Things to Do in Yorkville, Illinois

If you’re looking for something fun and different to do in Yorkville, Illinois, you’ve come to the right place. This article outlines what to do in Yorkville, from riverfront festivals to attractions. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, you’ll find something to interest you in Yorkville.


The city of Yorkville, Illinois, has a population of 21,533 people and is located in Kendall County. Its downtown has many attractions, from antique malls to art galleries. The city is also home to many restaurants and bars. There are also many attractions in Yorkville, such as Yorkville Farm, which has been open since 1897.

The city is home to some of the best attractions in the region, including Bicentennial Riverfront Park, Raging Waves Waterpark, Avant Garden Market Place, and The Chocolate Shoppe. You can also catch a show at Law Office Pub & Music Hall and take in the scenic views of Silver Springs State Park and Parfection Park Golf Course. You can also visit Farnsworth House, which is a historic house dating back to 1892.

The United City of Yorkville, Illinois is known for outdoor adventure and riverfront festivals. This city is home to the largest waterpark in Illinois, Raging Waves. Located 45 minutes west of Chicago, this amusement park is ideal for families. There are more than thirty slides and three kiddie areas. There are also plenty of restaurants along the Fox River and a wide variety of nightlife options.

There are many things to do in Yorkville, Illinois. This city is located in Kendall County and is only 12 miles south of Aurora. During the summer months, the waterpark is packed with fun activities, and the city is a hotspot for watersports enthusiasts. The water park also features a large wave pool and 20 water slides. There are also great snacks and a lifeguard station to help you keep safe.


Visitors looking for the perfect vacation spot should consider Yorkville, Illinois. This city in Kendall County, Illinois has a population of 21,533 people. It has many attractions and activities to enjoy. If you want to spend a great day out with your family, you can take a trip to the town’s museums, art galleries, and theaters.

For outdoor enthusiasts, there is the Bicentennial Riverfront Park located in the heart of Yorkville. It features the largest waterpark in the state, and wraparound views of the Fox River. There are also plenty of restaurants along the waterfront, as well as nightlife at the Law Office Pub & Music Hall and Fox River’s Edge Theatre.

For water lovers, the city has a water park with over 20 slides and a big wave pool. There are areas for families with small children, and the park also has great snacks. Families will have a blast at the park, and there are friendly lifeguards to watch over them.

The Yorkville area is home to many attractions, including Bicentennial Riverfront Park, Raging Waves Waterpark, Avant Garden Market Place, The Chocolate Shoppe, and many more. Visitors can also attend a live music performance at Law Office Pub & Music Hall, play golf at Parfection Park, and visit the Farnsworth House.

If you want to learn about the town’s history, you should check out the Chapel on the Green, the oldest church in Kendall County. Early pioneers settled the town in 1836. Its main thoroughfares are Bridge Street and Hydraulic Street, which were built for horse-drawn carriages and pedestrians, respectively. At one time, there was a trolley service between Yorkville and Aurora. Today, the Illinois Railway still runs this line.

YORKVILLE ILLINOIS riverfront festivals

During the summer months, you can find several fun riverfront festivals in Yorkville, Illinois. For example, there’s the Yorkville River Fest, a free festival held at the town’s Riverfront Park. This event is filled with family-friendly activities, food, and music. On Friday, you can catch a live performance by Gone Country. On Saturday, there are plenty of activities for kids.

The Yorkville Parks and Recreation Department organizes the Yorkville River Fest. This festival features craft beer tasting, live country music, and family-friendly activities like cardboard boat races. The Illinois Whitewater Festival is another popular attraction during the festival, which takes place at the Marge Cline Whitewater Course. The festival also features a cardboard canoe float contest, live entertainment, and food for all ages.

The Yorkville River Fest attracts more than seven thousand festival-goers each year. This year’s event has received a positive response online. In addition to food and live country music, you can also participate in family activities and meet and greets with Disney characters, such as Moana and Encanto.

You can also check out the Chicago Whitewater Association’s Illinois Whitewater Festival, which takes place at the Marge Cline Whitewater Course in Yorkville. The festival also features a Buttercup Slalom Series. The city’s Parks and Recreation Department and its area chamber of commerce co-host this event. During the festival, you can also enjoy live music and eat ribs.

The Yorkville Riverfront Park is also host to various music events and concerts. In the summer, the city’s riverfront area hosts a variety of music concerts, including a Summer Solstice Indie Music Festival. This event is a great opportunity to listen to your favorite artist, or to see a live performance by another artist.

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