Wysong Uretic Dry Cat Food Review

The Wysong Uretic dry cat food is a healthy diet for older cats, designed to promote healthy urinary tracts and immune systems. It is made with ingredients such as fresh meat, brown rice, dried cheese, sesame seeds, and rosemary extract. If you are considering buying this food for your cat, check out the reviews on Amazon.


Wysong uretic dry cat food is a great choice for cats with urinary tract issues. It contains a well-rounded and natural formula that contains high amounts of protein. Protein in a cat’s diet is essential for maintaining the health of the urinary tract and may even benefit overweight cats with dental or metabolic bone disease. However, before you start feeding your cat Wysong uretic dry cat food, it’s important to consult with a veterinarian.

Another advantage of Wysong uretic dry cat food is its limited ingredient list. It contains no preservatives, dyes or additives. However, some cats might not like the taste of the food at first. It is therefore best to introduce it gradually and at the cat’s discretion.

Wysong uretic dry cat food is formulated to promote urinary tract and bladder health. It is produced in the United States, with complete control over the raw materials used in its manufacturing process. It can be fed as a supplement to a regular diet or as a replacement for prescription diet formula. It is AAFCO-approved and contains high levels of proteins and fats.

Another pro of Wysong uretic dry cat food is its price. It costs about $20 per eight-ounce canister, which is considerably less than many premium dry cat foods. It can be used as a complementary diet for healthy adult cats weighing six to nine pounds.

Wysong diets are made fresh and are never warehoused. They are packed in exclusive Nutri-Paks to prevent spoilage. The ingredients are sourced from the United States, Europe, Canada, and Australia, ensuring a higher-quality product.

Another benefit of Wysong cat food is its high-quality protein and fat content. However, some cats may be sensitive to this food and may experience vomiting or diarrhea. It is important to consult a veterinarian before purchasing Wysong food for your pet. While the ingredients are high quality, they may not be right for your pet.


Wysong Uretic dry cat food contains ingredients that are specifically designed to provide your cat with the nutrients it needs to maintain a healthy urinary tract. It is made with domestic ingredients that are USDA and FDA-approved. In addition to using ingredients that are natural and high in protein, Wysong also uses potato starch as a bulking agent in meat-based foods. This type of bulking agent helps keep urine pH-balanced, preventing crystal formation.

Wysong Uretic dry cat food uses the best of the latest developments in nutritional science. It features high levels of organ meat and other protein for a complete and healthy meal for your cat. It also contains a complete package of micronutrients, probiotics, omega-3 and enzymes. Additionally, Wysong Uretic contains a naturally-occurring source of the amino acid methionine to help your cat stay healthy.

The Wysong Uretic Dry Cat Food ingredients list includes a variety of meat and vegetable sources. These sources are rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Unlike many other cat foods, Wysong uses low-fat sources of protein and vegetables. Aside from meat, Wysong’s recipes also contain a good source of fiber and carbohydrates.

The Wysong brand of dry cat food is manufactured in the U.S., in Midland, Michigan. The company also manufactures canned food in the United States. However, the company sources its ingredients all over the world, including China. You can read reviews of Wysong Uretic on Amazon to find out what others are saying.

Wysong’s dry cat food includes chicken fat as a source of fatty acids. This type of fat is inexpensive to produce and is easily digested. It also makes cat food taste better. Although fats are necessary for your cat’s health, they shouldn’t be the main ingredient in your pet’s food. That’s why Wysong uses chicken fat as its second ingredient.

While the Wysong brand of dry cat food generally has high-quality ingredients, some of its lines contain controversial ingredients, such as garlic. Garlic, which is toxic to cats, can cause diarrhea and vomiting. In addition, the Wysong line contains a high amount of protein, so you have to monitor your cat’s intake of Wysong cat food.


Wysong Uretic Dry Cat Food is a special diet formulated for cats with urinary tract problems. It contains no excess minerals that can cause crystal formation and helps keep the urine acidic. This helps reduce the risk of bladder stones and other urologic problems.

Wysong cat food contains two main proteins: meat protein isolate and potato protein. These proteins are great sources of energy and help to keep your cat healthy. Meat protein isolate is a concentrated source of animal protein. Potato protein is an excellent source of energy and fiber.

Wysong foods are generally more expensive than other brands. This is partly due to their meatier recipes. For example, the Epigen 90 formula is 63% protein and completely starch-free. On average, a pound of Uretic dry food costs $0.16 to $0.33. In comparison, a pound of Wysong Archetype freeze-dried raw food costs around $2.

There are many pros and cons to Wysonguretic cat food. One of the biggest cons is that Wysong food may cause diarrhea in cats. However, this has not been linked to other illnesses. The brand offers a large variety of foods, and encourages rotational feeding for optimal health. Wysong also provides different sources of animal protein. Most of its meals contain real chunks of meat. The company maintains that this is a normal reaction to new food.

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